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About Zane's Rolla Tire & Garage LLC
Zane's Rolla Tire & Garage LLC we are family-owned and operated by second generation.  We enjoy providing our customers with a modern technology digital inspection so they can see pictures of issues on the underneath of the vehicle.  Your auto is one of the most important investments in your life and we want you to be confident of the condition while driving yourself to work, the kids to school or the soccer team to the next game.  Let us help you with maintaining it to it's top performance. 
Clark Jaeger, Owner
I am the 2nd generation of Zane's.  Having worked my way through high school for my father and then continuing as the owner beginning Jan 2000.  I have brought the garage into the new age of internet, technology, and the computer diagnostics.  We are the ONLY garage offering Digital Inspections directly to your iphone or email.
Committed to helping our customers keep their vehicle in top shape.